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56. You Need a Sabbatical

Bryan talks about why it is important for pastors to take an occasional sabbatical and some books that might be worth reading while on sabbatical.Connect with Bryan by email:

55. Re-Thinking Missions Giving

Bryan and Aaron discuss a radical new strategy for the way their church contributes to the work of the Great Commission.Contact Bryan at Aaron at

54. Should I Go Back to School? An Interview with Mike Lester

Bryan has a conversation with Dr. Mike Lester, the Director of Student Services at Veritas Baptist College, about whether or not it's a good idea to continue your education while in ministry.Connect with Mike on Twitter or his blog.Use promo...

52. What I Would Tell Myself Six Years Ago

Bryan gets a little introspective on today's episode, talking about what he might have done differently if he could start pastoring all over again.To contact Bryan, email him at pastor

51. Ministering While Suffering – Noel Cwenar

Bryan discusses how to minister while going through hard times with Pastor Noel Cwenar of the Gospel Light Baptist Church in Rogers, Arkansas.Books from today's episode:Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer TownsFast Your Way to Health...

50. Jody Jenkins – A Night of Hope

Bryan and Jody Jenkins talk about an exciting new way to reach those in your community that battle depression, anxiety, and PTSD: A Night of Hope.Listen to Bryan's first interview with Jody Jenkins and his story here.To register for...

49. Tommy Thompson – Church Revitalization Part 2

Bryan and Tommy continue to talk about church revitalization and its challenges and rewards.Resources from today's episode:Brian Croft's websiteAdvanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey MalphursBeing Leaders by Aubrey MalphursChurch Unique by...

47. Top 10 Books I’ve Read in 2021

Looking for a book to buy your preacher for Christmas? Look no further! We've got some great ones on today's episode.When Narcissism Comes To ChurchLead - Paul TrippThe Traveler's Gift - Andy AndrewsThe Obesity Code - Jason...

46. Secondary Separation & Theological Triage

On today's episode, Bryan and Aaron discuss the issue of secondary separation and how it relates to theological triage. Doctrinal and ecclesiastical separation has been an issue that has plagued the independent Baptist movement as well as the...

45. Ministry to People with Mental Health Issues

Bryan and Jody Jenkins talk about the unique and often absent ministry to people struggling with their mental health. Depression, PTSD, and burnout all seem to be much more prevalent today than ever before. Listen along and learn about some...

44. Gospel Courage – An Interview with Eric Capaci

Pastor Eric Capaci shares his story and the courage it took to lead his church out of the independent, fundamental Baptist movement and transform it into a more biblical model of ministry.If you have any questions about this subject, you can email...

43. Practical Thoughts on Evangelistic Meetings

In this episode, Bryan and Jody Jenkins talk about some of the nuts and bolts of having an evangelistic meeting or revival week at your church. They address some issues like:What is the goal of special worship services?When is a special worship...

42. The Ministry of a Local Church Evangelist

Bryan sits down with Jody Jenkins and discusses the philosophy of ministry of a local church evangelist. Between the two of them, they have over twenty years of experience in itinerant preaching ministry.

39. Real Hope Today

Bryan interviews Jody Jenkins about battling depression and how God uses this struggle in the ministry.